Meet the Mom Monday - Allison Egidi, Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you support the Charlottesville community?

I'm a certified pediatric sleep coach which basically means I help families get more sleep. I primarily focus on newborns through 6 year olds, but have worked with children as old as 10. 

If we want to support you and learn more about your business, how can we find you? 

IG: @sleepandwellnesscoach  
What inspired you to start your own business?
My oldest daughter didn't sleep through the night until we hired a sleep consultant when she was almost 2 years old. While I didn't realize it at the time, I had major postpartum anxiety which was being fueled by the sleep deprivation. During that second year of her life, I hit the lowest I've ever been. Neither of us were in a great place. Figuring out how to work with her body to get her (and me!) the sleep she needed was a complete game-changer in my parenting journey. Once we were all sleeping, I completely geeked out on the science of sleep and ultimately got certified as a sleep consultant when I realized that many parents need far more support around sleep than they are typically receiving.
What advice would you give to another mom looking to start her own business?
You'll need to be willing to take imperfect action. I think so many of us hold ourselves to a very high standard and that can be paralyzing when it comes to starting a business. The world needs what you have to offer so get started and adjust and tweak along the way. 
How do you manage home life and work life? 
It's definitely a work in progress and is often messy. I try to work while my girls are in school and then be present with them through bedtime and then I get back to work.
What are your top 3 must dos in the Charlottesville/surrounding area? 
-The farmers market
-Eating at the amazing restaurants in C'ville - I love that children are welcome at the vast majority of them
-Sitting outside at one of the many great vineyards
What is your favorite Green Bean product and why?
The two items I am most often suggesting parents buy from Green Bean are the Kyte Baby Sleep Sacks and the Dohm White Noise machines. Also, my girls are obsessed with Kickee Pants pajamas and Kickee Pants zip up footie jammies are my go-to baby gift. 
Tell us one of your favorite “mom hacks”!
Waking up before my kids wake up. This is not always easy, but when I can wake up at 5:30am, which is 1 hour before my kids, the day is smoother for all of us. During that hour I like to drink my coffee and journal. I always include 5 things I was grateful for in the last 24 hours. If I have time left in the hour I might catch up on email or get a little work done, but sometimes I just sit in silence. It's magical. 
Share one of your family’s favorite recipes!
Chicken and Rice is an easy favorite in our house. I use this recipe for the chicken (I mix my own ranch seasoning though) and serve it over white rice:

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