Hartley Board Book - Family Bonding
Hartley Board Book - Family Bonding


Hartley Board Book - Family Bonding

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Show little ones that families are connected by the love they feel in their hearts. Hartley's story introduces the concept that family bonds and acceptance. It teaches children that no matter how near or far, you are always held in their hearts.

This interactive routine promotes:
Family Bonding
Family Transitions

Hartley is a sweet little creature with a gentle heart. He lives with his loving family. Unlike many of the other creatures he knows, Hartley’s family is not related to him by blood. Sometimes he can’t help but wonder how things would be if he lived with his biological family, which can make him feel sad and scared. When that happens, Hartley’s parents remind him that love is what makes a family. His unique heart family helps him to understand that a family bound by love is no different than a family bound by blood.