Meet the Mom Monday - Cara Goodman, Graphic and Website Designer, Owner of Zoom Indoor Cycling and Training

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you support the Charlottesville community? 
My Husband and I own a boutique fitness studio called Zoom Indoor Cycling and
Training in Barracks Road.  We love being able to support the community and student population in achieving their health and fitness related goals.  We believe that exercise is key to staying healthy and also a critical component to keeping stress down and a good balance in your life. We also enjoy being able to partner with so many other local businesses and charities in the area.
Aside from that I also am a full time graphic and website designer. I have worked with several local brands and organizations and really enjoy that as well.

If we want to support you and learn more about your business, how can we find you? 
Website - 

On Instagram at @zoom.cville


What inspired you to start your own business?
I’ve always enjoyed working out and find it critical for my mental health and overall
well-being.  My husband and I both moved from DC and loved the indoor cycling
community we were a part of while there. When we moved to Charlottesville in 2015 there weren’t any boutique cycling studios open yet, so we thought, hey let’s open one ourselves. It actually worked out perfectly because he has a background in sound and DJ’ing, while I have a background in graphic and website design.  Putting together our business skills and our love for fitness was the perfect opportunity for us to open Zoom. 

What advice would you give to another mom looking to start her own business?
If you are passionate about your business idea, then go for it! Life is too short to have a job you hate. If you love doing something or have a talent, then share that gift with others. Owning your own business is hard work for sure, but like they say, going to work doing something you love hardly feels like working at all :)

How do you manage home life and work life? 
It’s definitely something I am always working on and it isn’t always easy.  A big thing for me is just putting down my phone and laptop when I’m home. I designate certain times for checking email and handling work related stuff, but when I’m home and it’s not work time, I put the distractions away so I can focus on our beautiful 17-month-old girl, Charlie.  I know that every moment I have with her is special, so I am very mindful of giving her my full attention as much as I can. 

What are your top 3 must dos in the Charlottesville/surrounding area?
1.  Enjoy all of the great local restaurants we have in the area. A few of my favorites are Fleurie and Duner’s.
2. Go on a hike, there are so many wonderful trails within just a few minutes of the city.
3. Visit as many local wineries and breweries as you can. Most are child friendly and can be the perfect weekend activity when the weather is nice. Set up a picnic, enjoy the views, and just take in the fresh air.
What is your favorite Green Bean product and why?
Gosh, I can only pick one?!  I love all of the clothing that the store carries. I know
that’s more of a category, but I really enjoy shopping there b/c Ashley carefully curates a unique collection of items and pieces and I also love that she sources and supports other small businesses, such as Etsy Vendors. I recently got Charlie the cutest fall dress/legging combo from an Etsy Vendor and I can’t wait for her to wear it.

Tell us one of your favorite “mom hacks”!
I always keep a Nalgene bottle in my car because every time we get in the car, it seems like Charlie is asking for something to drink. I’ve learned that not having that readily available can quickly lead to a meltdown. I Also keep snacks in my purse and car as well.

Share one of your family’s favorite recipes!
Oh my! I don’t really cook with recipes. We grill a lot of fish and chicken, then put it on top of a green salad.  Sometimes I add couscous or a rice side as well.  We try to always eat healthy and fresh ingredients but my cooking style is def. simple.

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